Museum of the Republic of Vietnam

Museum Programs

Community Events


The museum hosts a number of free community events throughout the year. These include an annual Christmas event with free toys giveaway to children, a celebration of the Tet Lunar New Year, and regular music concerts at the museum featuring popular music from the period of the Republic of Vietnam's history.


The museum also regularly participates in many other community events, including the Vietnamese Students' Association annual Tet Festival at the Orange County Fairgrounds in California, the Little Saigon Tet Parade, and a variety of conferences, educational events, and historical meetings in order to promote the history of the Republic of Vietnam.




Public Lectures

Republic of Vietnam and other Vietnam War veterans as well as historians are frequently invited to the museum to give public talks on their experiences and other aspects of the history of the Republic of Vietnam. These lectures are also open free of charge to anyone who like to attend. Beverages and light food are provided.

Oral History

Documenting interviews with veterans, their families, and all those who can help expand scholarship through recollections of their personal experience in the Republic of Vietnam is a key mission of the museum. Oral history interviews are routinely conducted by the museum and gathered in the museum's archive in order to preserve the history and legacy of these men and women for the education of future generations.

Artifact Preservation

The museum exists as the sole institution in the world entirely dedicated to gathering documents, literature, and military accoutrements as well as other tangible artifacts from the Republic of Vietnam. The museum is honored to accept donations of material and thoroughly does the utmost to record and contextualize each artifact. These items are carefully preserved with professional archival practice and expertise to ensure their future protection.

Please come and join the museum at any of these events to learn more about the history of the Republic of Vietnam.

It is through your generous support and donations that the museum is able to continue these programs to document, preserve, and contribute as well as expand the scholarship and educational understanding of the Republic of Vietnam and the Vietnam War.